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Gate Openers: What is the Kustos swing gate opener ideal for?


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BFT Automation is a premier company that offers highly innovative and reliable automation solutions for gate opener applications. The company manufactures a wide range of products that are used in residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. Each product made by BFT Automation can be used in a number of gate opener applications. When it comes to gate automation solutions, BFT Automation has designed the Kustos Swing Gate Opener. This product is specifically designed to automate swing gates and give you better access control.

Quick and easy to install, Kustos swing gate openers from BFT Automation are ideal for:

Driveway Swing Gate Opener applications

Homeowners who have installed a swing gate opener at the driveway to their home can take advantage of the Kustos swing gate opener. Driveway swing gate openers give an appearance to the home that is high class and sophisticated. But no matter how beautiful a driveway gate may be, having to frequently open and close manually can quickly become a hassle. To prevent this hassle, BFT Automation has manufactured the Kustos swing gate opener. By installing the Kustos swing gate opener on your driveway, you can automate it and enjoy the convenience of opening and closing the gate remotely from the comfort of your car.

Business Security Swing Gate Opener applications

Business owners require relatively more security. For this purpose, they either use rolling gate openers or swing gate openers. Gate automation is also a necessity considering all the traffic entering and exiting the commercial premises. The Kustos swing gate opener is ideal for business security swing gates as not only does it automate the gate, but it also provides more access control. Since the Kustos swing gate opener is equipped with BFT Automation's U-Link technology, controlling it remotely is very convenient.

Airport Terminal Swing Gate Opener applications

When it comes to airport terminals, passenger safety and flexibility is very important. Swing gate openers are useful for protecting against intrusion and providing security. These swing gate openers can prevent the flow of passenger traffic efficiently. Furthermore, they are also used for stopping unauthorized vehicles from entering the premises. The Kustos swing gate opener can enhance the functionality and efficiency of airport terminal swing gates. With the Kustos swing gate opener, potential liability issues can be reduced.

Subway Swing Gate Opener applications

Swing gate openers are very useful for increasing the flow of passengers and vehicles. At subway station terminals, swing gate openers can ease the flow of traffic, particularly in rush hours. It is achieved by allowing people to use swing gates rather than only turnstile entry points. The Kustos swing gate opener from BFT Automation is ideal for subway swing gates because it can adapt to suit a variety of passenger needs. Thanks to BFT Automation's D-Track technology, the Kustos swing gate opener can control the thrust of the gate and make its operation safer.

Industrial Swing Gate Opener applications

Automatic swing gate openers at various industrial areas ensure safety by preventing unauthorized vehicle intrusions into the premises. Installing a Kustos swing gate opener turns these gates into sophisticated and state-of-the-art technology security control systems and meet your requirements completely. Thanks to BFT’s exclusive rolling code technology, the Kustos swing gate opener is able to manage the commands in the most secure way possible. So you won’t have to worry about any external violation.

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