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​ What is BFT Automation’s D-Track Technology?


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For more than 30 years, BFT Automation has been designing and developing reliable, high quality, and innovative automation systems. Their automatic gate openers for slide gate openers and swing gate openers are ideal for all usage requirements. The commitment of BFT to offer the most innovative and the highest quality automation solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial sectors has been proven time and time again in worldwide markets.

One of the renowned innovations BFT uses in their gate automation systems is called D-Track. Not only does it improve safety features, but it also enhances the systems’ overall functionality.

The security of automatic gates is a primary concern. That’s why it should be entrusted to devices and technologies that are capable of enhancing it. D-Track is one such technology. It allows the automatic gate openers to detect obstacles and then stop or reverse the movements of the gate in order to ensure safety.

The hydraulic swing gate openers in particular, are manufactured to meet the most stringent industry standards. BFT uses its exclusive D-Track technology for enhanced safety. This technology is capable of processing data from a wide variety of indicators. After processing data, it quickly calibrates the degree of torque that is needed to safely open/close the gate. Because of its accurate calibrations and processing capability, D-Track is the most reliable and the safest system for preventing collisions. This is like a movement control system that informs the microprocessor of the gate opener precisely how to control the position of the gate and at what speed. In this way, D-Track helps a gate opener achieve complete movement perfection.

The problem with traditional control units is that they don’t provide stability during opening/closing operations because they don’t read the exact position of the gate. As compared to them, BFT automatic gate openers can capture the smallest environmental changes to control the torque optimally. This is possible due to D-Track. It allows the BFT gate openers to provide excellent performance and highest level of protection regardless of mechanical wear, temperature, and weather conditions.

The D-Track function operates when operating parameters are automatically selected. The level of force needed to activate the gate is dynamically selected depending on the working conditions of the gate. Because of this, the detection of an obstacle always occurs simultaneously, hence always maintaining the same, safe and secure margin of force.

Combined with virtual encoder, D-Track torque control system ensures maximum precision when it comes to detecting the obstacles and controlling the gate movement. So you can rest easy knowing that your gate opener will operate safely at all times. This innovative mechanism allows the gate opener to adapt to the required level of force to each specific gate position.

The use of D-Track can be broken down into following points:

  • D-Track provides the thrust that is required for the gate opener to operate safely.
  • It is a smart torque management system that has been designed to ensure maximum safety and reliable, consistent performance.
  • D-Track acquires data from various indicators and informs the control unit to operate accordingly.
  • D-Track helps the installer in providing for the certifications that are required by law.

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