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What is BFT Automation’s U-LINK Technology?


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BFT Automation is one of the world’s leading manufacturers when it comes to automation systems. Their wide range of products include automatic gate openers, road barriers, traffic bollards, etc. Although all products of BFT are unique in their own way, they all have one thing in common: U-Link Technology. U-Link platform allows these automatic systems to be controlled remotely via smartphones or remotes. It is an innovative single communication platform for all kinds of receivers and control units.

Any revolutionary interconnectivity system developed by BFT Automation that uses remote access via wireless connectivity takes advantage of U-Link system communication protocol. It has been designed and developed to function via particular gateways for all kinds of communication protocols and physical media.

BFT aims to provide the automation solutions that are easy to install and maintain. To achieve this, the company provides various solutions that are based on Bluetooth transmission systems in TCP/IP as well as local environments for remote connection. The remote access, stability of the connection, and data protection is achieved with the help of U-Link platform.

Thanks to two levels of encryption, U-Link ensures a secure data protection, correct communication, and absolutely stable standard. These features are provided by the underlying communication system and by the data encryption credentials of the protocol. With U-Link technology, you can rest easy knowing that your access controls are safe, secure, and only in your hands.

U-Link platform does not just help with installation of a BFT automation products, it also helps installers modify settings remotely or diagnose problems.

The advantages of the U-Link technology can be divided into several key points:

  • U-Link is an innovative technological platform that can be easily considered the heart of all automation products of BFT.
  • It utilizes an open approach by modifying the BFT proprietary gateway, B-Eba. Because of this, adapting to different communication languages becomes possible.
  • Depending on the B-Eba gateway installed, U-Link protocol can work with or without a network connection, making it very flexible.
  • Thanks to two-way communication, this technology allows for easy remote maintenance of the products.
  • U-Link platform is scalable as infinite number of objects can be added to it. In this way, it can satisfy your needs as they grow with time.
  • Many products can be transformed into BFT solutions via U-Link technology.
  • B-eba expansion cards allow integration with U-Link platform, TCP/IP protocols, Z-Wave, Bluetooth, as well as connection to external devices.
  • Control can be aggregated across several B-ebas to groups and individuals.

All in all, U-Link is an exclusive BFT innovation that gives you more power and control over your automation systems. This cross-platform protocol offers maximum control by creating technological ecosystems. Imagination, passion, and innovation serving your needs, with revolutionary performance, so you can save time, have more control, manage your system easily, and take advantage of an evolved world that is designed just for you.

If you are looking to condense your receivers and control units into a single communication platform, then U-Link from BFT Automation may be right for you.

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