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High Definition Multimedia Interface, or HDMI is an interface for transferring uncompressed video data as well as both compressed and uncompressed audio data. Using HDMI, one can transfer audio and video data from an HDMI compliant source device to a compatible digital television, computer monitor, video projector, or digital audio device.

HDMI is backward compatible with single link Digital Visual Interface Digital, or DVI-D, and DVI-I. No signal conversion is required so signal integrity is maintained. DVI-D is for digital signals, while DVI-I allows both digital and analog signals. Dual link DVI allows high resolution (1920 X 1080) video and more channels. It is also backward compatible with Single Link DVI. Check out our Video Connector page for more information.

Some advantages of digital HDMI include preserving signal quality, ability to transmit high definition video and audio signals for home theater, and being able to transmit signals over a greater distance. DVI cables are limited to a five meter range. Whether you’re building a home theater or upgrading your entertainment system, New tech Industries has your end-to-end solution. We have a wide selection of HDMI products including: HDMI Cables, HDMI Switches, HDMI SplittersHDMI Wall Plates, and more.