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Parking Barrier Gate Openers: BFT MOOVI barrier is Ideal for?


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BFT Automation provides a wide range of automation solutions for all sectors i.e. residential, commercial, and industrial. The company has created many gate openers to control rising barriers. The MOOVI parking barrier gate openers are a series of products that you can use on the entry points of your premises to enhance security.

The following are some areas where the BFT MOOVI parking barrier gate openers can be very beneficial:

Parking Barrier Gate Openers for Commercial Spaces

Automatic parking barrier gate openers are an ideal solution to control entrances of buildings with medium to high traffic mass. These buildings are usually commercial spaces such as banks, hotels, shopping centers, etc. By installing the BFT MOOVI, commercial space owners will have an enhanced control over their barriers. Installing an access control system is essential in order to prevent unauthorized entries by people. And when it comes to access control of automatic barriers, there is no better option than the BFT MOOVI.

Parking Barrier Gate Openers for Business Security

Many organizations and enterprises don’t think about using boom barriers to control their entrances until a sudden accident or an environmental change occurs due to the absence of reliable access control systems. Investing in the BFT MOOVI parking barrier gate openers is one of the best steps to increase business security as well as have efficient access control at the entrances.

Parking Barrier Gate Openers for Car Parks

You may have already come across parking barriers if you have ever gone to a car park that requires tickets. Parking barrier gate openers work as a form of access control for vehicles. They are quite effective, reliable, and durable. However, the efficiency and functionality of access control in car parks can be drastically increased by installing the BFT MOOVI. These parking barrier gate openers from BFT Automation are programmable and can be customized to suit any requirement/situation. For example, you can program the parking barriers to only lift up when a ticket has been removed and a button has been pressed. Exit barriers can also be programmed. There are several variations in which the BFT MOOVI barriers can be programmed.

Parking Barrier Gate Openers for Industrial Entry Points

The BFT MOOVI parking barrier gate openers are also ideal for the entry points to an industrial sites. Usually, the entry points are accompanied by a guard hut. A guard may check the credentials of traffic wanting to enter the site and determine whether they are authorized to be there. After verifying, the guard will press the access button lifting the parking barrier and allowing entry. The parking barrier will close once the vehicle has passed through and reset until it is needed again. The BFT MOOVI parking barriers prove to be highly beneficial to industrial sites.

Parking Barrier Gate Openers for Traffic Management Systems

BFT MOOVI parking barrier gate openers are essential for efficient traffic management systems. The use of such systems has been increasing on a regular basis. The BFT MOOVI barriers operate securely because they are equipped with BFT Automation's official rolling code technology that prevents all types of external violations to access control systems. You can control the barriers either by remote control or a single touch push button. A number of accessories can be installed with the MOOVI to enhance its functionality and make the barriers ideal in any context.

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