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BFT Automation | BFT Gate Openers | Who is BFT Automation?


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Who is BFT Automation?

BFT Automation is an Italian manufacturer specializing in manufacturing quality residential, commercial and industrial gate openers and access automation equipment. The company has been in the access automation business for more than 30 years. Specifically, it specializes in automation of sliding and swing gates, barriers, bollards, automatic doors and parking systems, etc. The company has distributers in many countries around the world and has some of the best access automation specialists.

Brief History

BFT Automation was founded in 1981 in Thiene with some specific goals i.e. being oriented towards those who work with their products, and being available to their customers at all times.

Over the years, the company acquired many customers. In 2002, it opened its first branch in Germany. It was company’s first step toward understanding the many facets of every country as well as penetrating the local market. From that moment onwards, BFT Automation focused entirely on full satisfaction of their customers. So they diversified their services to suit all the different cultures.

BFT Automation has been a part of Somfy group since 2004 and it has given it the boost required to create a structured distribution network by gaining significant market shares. Nowadays, the entire management of their international distribution network is divided up between the direct distributors and the branches.

Through their commitment to quality work and customer satisfaction, BFT Automation gained a lot of popularity with the passage of time. Today, it operates all over the world, with over 530 distributors and 20 branches in more than 120 countries.

Quality of Service

BFT Automation is widely known by entrance automation installers as the company capable of providing world class, industry leading automation technology that is durable, cost effective, reliable, and highly functional. Their quality of service gives their network of installers the confidence that, by taking advantage of BFT technology, they will surely be able to satisfy their customers with quality automation systems that will give years of reliable, continuous service.

Fast and reliable service is a promise of BFT Automation. If you order before 3PM (their suggested time), then you can expect your requested equipment to become available on a next day courier service.


BFT Automation specializes in a wide range of access control and automation products that enable it to provide its installer customers with all the products they need to complete an installation of a rising bollard, an automated gate, or a full parking revenue system.

Following are some of the products offered by the company:

  • Automation for sliding gates
  • Hydraulic swing gates
  • Electromechanical swing gates
  • Hands-free command device
  • Automation for sectional doors
  • Automation for folding doors
  • Access control system
  • Rising bollards
  • Road barriers
  • Accessories
  • Intercoms and Digipads
  • Gate hardware
  • Garage door automation
  • On-foot parking systems

Technical Support

Technical support of BFT Automation is second to none. It is offered to all their installing customers and they are happy to provide assistance with:

  • Product selection
  • Control panel programming & logic
  • Cabling and commissioning
  • Technical information regarding BFT, Videx, and Procon products
  • General troubleshooting

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