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​ What Are SIP Phone Lines?


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SIP is a fabulous technology that offers reliability and low costs when it comes to telephony services. The telephony and computer industry come up with something better each year and SIP is one of the most popular big things to date. Using your internet connection, you can make telephone calls via the internet from your SIP compatible device at higher quality and lower rates. It has never been cheaper or easier to make phone calls

Some Benefits of SIP Phone Lines

SIP phone lines are ideal for home businesses, small businesses, organizations, as well as for people that work from several locations. Unlike a traditional phone line, a SIP phone line frees you from the shackles of a single location. You are not tied into long contracts and can benefit from savings because the call charges are significantly lower.

Here are some benefits of SIP Phone Lines:

  • SIP phone line saves you a lot over a traditional line thanks to cheaper call rates.
  • Most SIP phone line providers now offer geographic numbers, which means yours will appear to be local to your area.
  • You can ask for increased or reduced lines according to your needs. It saves you unnecessary cost.
  • Most SIP phone line providers allow for free Inter-trunk calling.
  • Call quality is significantly higher as compared to ISDN.
  • You can move around when you are using SIP and are not tied to a single location such as your office.

How Good Are They as Compared to ISDN?

SIP phone lines are rapidly replacing ISDN services all around the world. A SIP phone line connects your site directly via an IP connection to transmit and terminate your incoming and outgoing calls across the public telephone network. As compared to ISDN, SIP phone lines are cheaper on a per-channel basis. They are also more flexible when it comes to what telephone numbers you can have as well as the locations in which you can have them. They are quicker to install and offer a strong business continuity service to make sure that your business never loses calls.

Why Upgrade to SIP Phone Lines?

SIP phone lines are a rapidly growing telephony service nowadays. They are cost-effective and reliable voice service and are much flexible and cheaper than traditional analogue or digital phone lines. A lot of businesses and customers are already using them to make low cost calls over the internet. You can scale up or down in line according to your needs, you won’t have to install any additional physical line to achieve that. SIP telephony has grown in reliability and sophistication and is now commonly used on a regular basis for voice calls as well as data in the present day workplace.


In conclusion, one cannot deny the convenience and advantages that SIP phone lines have to offer. As SIP uses a single internet connection, it divides your bandwidth between data and voice calls which results in lower costs. Because of this and many other reasons, SIP phone lines have now become a viable option for businesses. They can future proof your business whilst saving you a significant amount of money on your existing call costs and line rental.

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