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What is BFT Automation’s U-Control Technology?


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BFT is a worldwide leader when it comes to manufacturing residential, commercial, and urban access automation systems. The company has developed a digital automation control system that offers great benefits to owners by allowing them to create and manage different scenarios, circles of permits and users. The technology that offers these such benefits is called U-Control. It is managed by a smartphone app that enhances geofencing intelligence and proximity, hence keeping data protection and security at the maximum thanks to two levels of encryption.

U-Control is a technology that has been designed and developed by BFT Automation to allow users to control their home automation systems via smartphone, tablet, or any other compatible device, regardless of wherever they are. Not only is the app linked with all BFT Automation’s U-Link products, it is also compatible with products manufactured by other companies. That shows BFT’s determination to simplify lives of their customers.

U-Control App: Benefits

BFT Automation aims to help you save your time and energy by offering reliable automation solutions. Automation systems designed by BFT can quicken and simplify your daily actions.

Perform Many Automation Functions

U-Control app is easy to install and use. It allows you to perform many actions automatically such as closing the gate when you drive your car out of the garage, lowering the blinds when you are not home, etc. Hence, facilitating you in a way that you appreciate the most.

It Gives You Complete Control Over Your Home Automation

With U-Control installed in your smartphone, you have complete control over your home automation even when you are away. You will know in real-time if something in your home is closed, open, or blocked so that you can intervene and make desired changes. This is the way U-Control enhances your capability and makes you the master of all the little things that you do every day.

Manage Multiple Home Automations Simultaneously

With just one click, you can manage multiple home automations simultaneously with U-Control app. For example, touch one button to lock all home automation when you leave home. Non-BFT products are also supported thanks to the B-Eba Wi-Fi installation.

Supports up to 6 Users

BFT has paid attention to other users as well. All the features of U-Control technology can be shared very easily. All you need to do is install B-Eba Wi-Fi, configure it, and then share unique link to other users in order to authorize them to control the home automation. Up to 6 users per operator are allowed.

Easy Setup in Case of Device Change

If you change your smartphone, you will need to follow these instructions so you can enjoy U-Control on your new device:

  • Hold down the reset button on the B-Eba card for ten seconds. It will reset it.
  • Download and install U-Control app on your new smartphone. Then log in using your credentials.
  • Eliminate the automation from the new smartphone. To do this, navigate to ADMIN > ADVANCED SETTINGS and then click DELETE.
  • Now proceed to B-Eba Wi-Fi association in order to configure it to be used on your new smartphone.

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