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New Tech Industries Blog/News - SIP phone system

What Are the Benefits of SIP Phones?


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SIP is an innovative method of communication that allows users to make/receive telephone calls over the internet. Although its benefits are obvious, not many people know what makes SIP phones more efficient and better as compared to traditional modes of communication. Learning its key benefits will help you understand why more and more businesses nowadays are migrating to SIP and leaving traditional trunk lines for good.

Following are some key benefits of SIP Phones:

1. Cost Savings

Reduction in the cost is one of the primary benefits of using SIP phones. It features a more efficient call transmission process which makes calls relatively cheaper. According to statistics, calling costs can be reduced at up to 50-70% of the original billing depending on the provider. Furthermore, SIP phones require less hardware maintenance and upkeep, making the line rentals significantly cheaper. These cost savings are highly beneficial for businesses that rely heavily on their telephones in order to contact customers and suppliers, especially if they are based overseas.

2. Wide Range of Services

SIP phones are not just limited to voice. They support a wide range of other services including video broadcasts, video conferences, multiplayer gaming, instant messaging, among many other means of latest communication. Furthermore, you don’t need to rely on rather expensive PSTN and ISDN circuits because these telecommunication lines are coursed through the Internet. So those circuits become unnecessary, saving you significant costs.

3. SIP Works with PBX Systems

SIP works great with most PBX systems, which is another advantage of this communication protocol. If you are using an older model PBX system, then you will need to use a SIP card in order to accommodate the protocol. It will be easier and cheaper than purchasing new hardware. So not only will this compatibility of SIP with PBX save you money from unnecessary purchases, it will also save your time and costs from staff training and such.

4. Enhanced Functionality

SIP phones outperform traditional means of telephony by a wide margin. With SIP phones, you can enjoy business grade quality phone calls. You will surely enjoy crystal clear voice quality whilst discussing business matters with your employees or customers. Furthermore, you won’t have to change your phone number when making the switch from a traditional phone line to SIP. So there will be no downtime setting up the SIP system.

5. More Managed Connectivity

SIP phones integrate voice as well as data, so the voice calls are managed or controlled depending on the needs of your company at specific times. Internet and phone connectivity can be pooled during peak hours to handle more calls simultaneously.

6. Scalability

SIP can be used for small as well as large companies. This technology is future-proof and is ideal for any type of business, whether the business utilizes phone calls often or seldom.

Final Word

Above mentioned are some of the key benefits of SIP phones. Now you may have a better idea of why this protocol of communication is gaining popularity with the passing of each day. Switching to SIP is a simple task for organizations that already receive their phone lines from the same source and have the internet.

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