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​ About BFT Electromechanical Automation Systems for Swing Gates


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BFT Automation is a world leader when it comes to manufacturing high quality, innovative automation systems for gates. Automation systems provide much needed security and the convenience of remotely controlling the entryway of your building. If you are looking for an automated opener for your swing gate, then look no further than BFT Automation. The company offers a wide range of swing gate automation products to meet the needs of customers with all sizes and lengths of gates.

BFT Automation has been manufacturing gate automation systems for over 30 years and has helped many homeowners and businesses achieve enhanced security and access control. The experience of BFT Automation is unmatched, so you can expect to get only the highest quality automation products in the industry.

The electromechanical automation systems offered by BFT are capable of handling swing gates of up to 5 meters in length and up to 500 kg in weight. Most of the products in this category are best suited for residential use, however there are some specific models that can be used in commercial properties as well. All the swing gate openers by BFT Automation combine long-term safety and reliability. The company also manufactures state-of-the-art electromechanical openers for swing gates that are installed near perimeter walls or pillars. So finding a suitable opener for your smaller opening swing gate is not a problem.

For underground swing gates, BFT manufactures automation systems such as Eli 250 N. This specific model features a hidden automation mechanism that offers a sophisticated solution for properties where appearance is highly important. Furthermore, BFT offers electromechanical swing gate openers in both 24V and 230V versions. They are very easy to install.

There are some specific models of underground electromechanical operators that have been specifically designed for residential use. They are suitable for swing gate having a weight of up to 400 kg. Furthermore, they also feature magnetic limit switch system that guarantees the best level of reliability and precision in any climatic condition. Small-sized electromechanical swing gate operators with articulated arm are also offered by BFT Automation.

Not all swing gate automation systems are equal. BFT Automation has always had a commitment to quality, so the company has spent a lot of time researching and testing the best automation solutions to provide control and convenience. All the products in the swing gate automation category including ATHOS AC A, PHOBOS AC A, VIRGO, IGEA, etc. have been manufactured to the highest standards. These electromechanical swing gate operators feature full connectivity with a secure U-Link platform which is developed by BFT to allow users to use their smartphones to control their automation system.

The swing gate automation products that BFT offers are recognized all around the world for their excellent reliability and performance. They provide superior functionality, convenience, and style. So by installing a BFT electromechanical swing gate automation system in your home, you can have the peace of mind that you have made the right investment.

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