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About BFT Automation Anti-Terrorist Bollards


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Anti-terrorist bollards are an excellent solution to protect individuals against hostile vehicles. These bollards are a strong obstruction for vehicles but pedestrians can easily pass through them. BFT Automation is fast becoming a world leader when it comes to anti-terrorist bollards. The company manufactures bollards that are highly effective, easy to install, and are also relatively cheaper than most other types available on the market.

BFT understands that a high level of security is crucial to protect people and properties, particularly in private and public urban environments. That’s why the company manufactures highly impact resistant bollards so that they can withstand a collision of a fast moving hostile vehicle. BFT anti-terrorist bollards have been designed to be installed in places where the risk of vehicle attack is high. They are extremely effective as they can stop a 7.5-ton vehicle travelling at 80 km/h speed. Furthermore, these bollards can also fit in very well with the surroundings, which is another important factor.

Anti-terrorism bollards manufactured by BFT are tested and certified according to various standards to ensure maximum reliability and protection. Apart from this, each bollard features an independent side hydraulic pump which means if one bollard fails, the others remain functional, facilitating hassle-free maintenance operations.

BFT Automation’s high security, impact tested security bollards are capable of protecting critical structures from vehicle borne attacks. They are suitable to be installed in car parks, private roads, service areas, entrances, etc. so that they are accessible only by authorized vehicles. Some specific models are hydraulically operated and have been tested to a wide variety of different certifications. They are also available in a range of aesthetic finishes.

When it comes to different types, BFT offers both fixed and removable anti-terrorist bollards. Fixed anti-terrorist bollards are ideal for providing crash-tested perimeter security in order to safeguard critical structures from vehicle attacks. A wide variety of fixed bollards are manufactured and all of them are certified to various security requirements with varying diameters. Furthermore, you can fit aesthetic sleeves over the bollard core in order to meet your specific design requirements. Apart from this, you can also integrate the bollards into street furniture items such as benches, flag poles, lighting columns, and planters to avoid a cluttered street scene.

Removable anti-terrorist bollards by BFT Automation can be installed within areas that require occasional vehicle access. Removing shallow or static foundation fixed bollards can be quite difficult and also very costly. BFT’s removable bollards take away this disruption and allow for occasional access for annual events. Just like BFT’s fixed anti-terrorist bollards, you can fit removable bollards with aesthetic sleeves as well.

BFT Automation manufactures anti-terrorism bollards in a variety of different versions to fulfill different requirements:

  • Strong anti-terrorist bollards construction with high impact resistance.
  • Electro-hydraulically power-operated to facilitate the best possible security.
  • Independent side hydraulic pump for each unit.
  • Available in different blocking heights above surface level.
  • Fixed bollards available for all versions.
  • Removable anti-terrorist bollards, ideal for areas requiring occasional vehicle access.

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