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Honeywell Vista 20P Control Panel top four compatible products


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Which Products Are Compatible with the Honeywell Vista 20P Control Panel?

Honeywell Vista 20P is a versatile and flexible system that can fit a wide range of needs. It is compatible with a variety of devices and services. The added services give you features such as get notifications for alarm, change user codes, ability to arm and disarm remotely, etc.

The following are some of the products Honeywell Vista 20P is compatible with:

Honeywell Tuxedo Touch

Honeywell Tuxedo Touch is talking color touchscreen keypad that you can use with 20P. By installing Tuxedo Touch with your Honeywell Vista 20P control panel, you can take advantage of all the amazing features it has to offer. Tuxedo Touch features a stunning 7-inch widescreen display with 16 million colors and 800 x 480 resolution. It also offers intuitive menu driven navigation which makes this touchscreen keypad extremely user-friendly. Plain English is used for the voice annunciation feature of Tuxedo Touch. So you will clearly understand the alerts regarding any alarm or trouble signals. Furthermore, Tuxedo Touch also informs you when an alarm is activated. It will tell you which zone number was triggered.

Honeywell WAVE2F

Honeywell WAVE2F is a dual-tone flush mounted siren. It is self-contained in an attractive small white casing which is hinged to offer easy access when you are installing the siren. It has two sound outputs, so you can wire it to produce a warble tone or a steady tone. This siren is fully compatible with Honeywell Vista 20P. It has a very loud volume and its three screw terminal block is the reason why it is so easy to install because you don’t need to solder or splice wires. The ability of WAVE2F to be flush mounted into a double gang electrical box on the wall along with its easy installation characteristics make it ideal for applications where the siren needs to have a low profile.

Honeywell Aurora

Honeywell Aurora is an infrared motion detector which is pet immune. You can use the Aurora with any hardwired security system. Compatible with Honeywell Vista 20P, the Aurora protects against false alarms by animals and pets up to 40 pounds thanks to its split-zone optics technology. This infrared motion detector has a coverage range of approximately 40 ft. The coverage extends from the motion in a 90° pattern. These features make this product ideal for most residential as well as commercial indoor applications.

Honeywell FG1625

Honeywell FG1625 is a state-of-the-art glass break detector which you can add to any hardwired security system. Fully compatible with 20P, the FG1625 adds an additional layer of protection for your windows as it listens for the frequency of broken glass. You can mount this glass break detector on the wall adjoining the glass, wall opposite the glass, on the ceiling, as well as on the same wall as the glass. It is equipped with FlexCore signal processor which allows for accurate and fast detection. With the FG1625, you will be able to detect intruders as soon as the glass is breached. It is definitely a must-have product for a home security system.

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