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HD-CVI Video Security - What the $&%^# is it ?

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There is a new video security system in town and it’s called HD-CVI (High Definition Video Interface).HD-CVI is a

HD-CVI Bullet Camera

digital video transmission system capable of delivering up to 1080p resolution over standard coaxial cable.HD-CVI also breaks the coaxial distance barrier as well giving you up to 1500’ without latency and bandwidth issues.If those two things are not enough HD-CVI also allows video, audio and PTZ control over just the single coaxial cable.

So HD-CVI gives you high quality digital video, extended distances, and PTZ control.  What could be better?  The price.  HD-CVI is pretty much the same price as high end analog systems. HD-CVI gives you the opportunity to revisit all your analog customers with a much superior product without any wiring changes.

Lets Review

  • Up to 1080p video quality
  • Extended distance up to 1500'
  • Video, Audio, OSD and PTZ over a single coaxial cable
  • Convert legacy analog systems to digital with no cabling changes

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