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Do I Need Battery Backup for My Security Camera System?


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There is no reason that your security camera system should also go down whenever the power in your home or business goes out. Having a battery backup for your surveillance system can help you keep your monitoring system running during short-term power outages and provide much needed security at that specific time. A lot of people use battery backup for their security camera systems due to the number of benefits it offers.

What Are the Disadvantages of Not Having a Battery Backup for CCTV System?

If you don’t have a battery backup, your surveillance system will shut off instantly when the power goes out. While your recorded footage will be saved to the hard drive and your settings will also get backed up before the power outage starts, your recording device or security DVR will stop recording video altogether from your CCTV cameras until the power is back on. You might miss key events because of this as the cameras will not be able to remotely connect. Although your surveillance system will turn back on and resume recording once the power is restored, it may be too late if an intruder makes his move during the blackout period.

Importance of Battery Backup for Surveillance Systems

You can power up your CCTV system by different power sources such as solar power, generator, etc. However, Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) is used more often as compared to other power sources.

UPS is basically a surge protector that has a built-in backup battery for your security cameras and DVR. It can power multiple devices and is a great way to protect your surveillance equipment from power line surges. When there’s a blackout, UPS will automatically kick in and keep your equipment powered and fully functional until the battery is drained or the power is resumed. The UPS will recharge the backup battery when power returns.

It is recommended that you connect your security cameras as well as your security DVR to battery backup so that it can keep running during short-term power outages. Make sure to also connect your wireless receiver to the UPS if you use wireless cameras. Furthermore, it is also highly recommended that you connect your Internet modem and router to the UPS to make sure that you can remotely access your system. However, doing this will consume the backup battery relatively more quickly.


In conclusion, it is best to purchase a surveillance system with a battery backup, so that you can remain alert even if there a power failure. It is recommended that you pay attention to the backup battery because if it fails and you are not aware of it, then your entire surveillance system is compromised or may even become useless during a blackout. It would be a good idea to check your backup batteries on regular basis and replace them if necessary so that your security camera system can run 24/7 and you can have the deserved peace of mind.

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