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Do I Need an Infrared Security Camera?


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It is very important to have much needed security in your home or your business property. There could be number of reasons to monitor the property we own; however, it is essential to have a functional surveillance equipment. Most home and business owners need a security system that works 24/7 and does not stop when the lights go off. For such people, an infrared security camera is the best option.

How Infrared Security Cameras Work?

Infrared CCTV cameras can detect light which is invisible to humans. They achieve this by detecting photons or infrared radiations coming from objects that give off heat. As you may already know that humans and animals give off heat, however inanimate objects do that as well after being warmed by the sun during the day. Infrared security cameras can capture these invisible photons and then convert them into electrons and then into images that are shown on a monitor. That’s how you can see what’s going on even in complete darkness.

Good Choice for Homes and Businesses

A regular CCTV camera depends on natural daylight or artificial light of some kind and will not be able to pick up any images without a light source. An infrared security camera on the other hand, gives you the ability to see in the dark which is important because it removes an advantage that an intruder would have if they tried to break into your home or business property under the cover of darkness. Furthermore, the intruder won’t be able to see visible light and will be unaware that their image is being captured. This is one of the significant advantages of installing an infrared security camera.

Although infrared security cameras are specifically designed to offer surveillance in the dark, most camera models in this category will also work just as well in well-lit conditions. Which means that a good quality infrared security camera will work just like a regular camera during the day and when there isn’t much light it will switch to special sensors that are specially designed to detect infrared radiation.

Another advantage of infrared cameras is that they work well in harsh weather conditions. Things such as heavy rain or fog that may obscure light and make things difficult to see with a regular CCTV camera, will not impact the performance of an infrared camera. It will detect heat signatures of the objects in the environment, allowing you to effectively see right through the rain or the fog.


In conclusion, infrared security cameras are an essential part of today’s surveillance systems and most homeowners and businesses use them to enhance their security. The use of such security cameras can be considered a “sneaky” way of protecting the property and the advantages they provide are numerous. A CCTV camera that can only record footage during the day can be worthless at times. Only by installing infrared security cameras you can make sure that images can be captured 24-7 without additional lighting.

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