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BFT gate openers are ideal for residential & commercial needs


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BFT Automation manufactures and designs a wide variety of reliable automation systems to help clients fulfill many residential, commercial, and industrial needs. Automation technology has become an important part of our lives. BFT realizes how important such systems are, that’s why it offers the best solutions in the automation industry.

BFT gate openers are designed to be used in a number of scenarios and help variety of clients. Following are some areas where BFT gate openers prove to be most useful:


No doubt having an automatic gate opener is highly beneficial and convenient for homeowners. Having the ability to remotely open/close the main gate of the house when you are going out/coming in can be very convenient. Not only does it offer convenience, but it also enhances the security. BFT Automation manufactures variety of automatic gate openers for residential uses.

Garage automatic gate opener is one of the most common types of gate openers BFT manufactures. These are high in demand because this is the most widely spread use of automation technology. Automatic garage door openers increase security and allow for better circulation. Getting off the car in heavy rain to open the garage gate can be a real discomfort. BFT automatic gate opener allows you to control your gate remotely from the comfort of your car. BFT residential automatic gate openers are both aesthetically appealing and functional.


Automatic commercial doors are essential if a business wants to improve the circulation of the customers. BFT gate openers are ideal for commercial uses. For example, shopping malls and galleries are visited by thousands of people every single day. BFT gate openers come with a sensor that acknowledges the proximity of the customer and proceeds to open the gate. And once the customer passes through and no one else is ready to enter, the gate automatically closes.

BFT gate openers are also ideal for pedestrian doors. Usually, swing or sliding gates are used for such purposes. The safety of pedestrians is a major consideration. Pedestrian automatic doors from BFT are equipped with safety sensors and activation to detect anyone in the door’s path and stop the door’s movement. Hence, ensuring the safety of pedestrians.


BFT Automation’s industrial gate openers are available in electromechanical versions for semi-intensive use as well as in hydraulic versions for heavily used industrial doors. Suitable for all kinds of environments, BFT gate openers can be equipped with D-Track function. This allows the gate opener to control the opening/closing speed of the gate in response to any obstacle in the path of the door.

BFT gate openers are ideal for huge platforms of load and factories. In addition to people, these gate openers allow a better transit of materials as well. By doing so, BFT Automation helps enhance the logistic of any space of industrial production.


In conclusion, BFT Automation acknowledges the certain needs and requirements of residential, commercial, and industrial sectors and manufactures automation system accordingly. BFT gate openers are ideal for virtually all kinds of requirements.

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