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BFT Gate Opener: What are BFT Gate Openers best suited for?


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BFT Automation has been providing innovative automation solutions for over 30 years. Automatic gate openers are one of their most popular automation solutions. BFT gate openers are ideal for all sectors i.e. residential, commercial, and industrial. As BFT Automation manufactures a wide range of gate openers, they have solutions for every industry and application. Depending on the product, customers can enjoy the different applications of these reliable, functional, and innovative gate openers.

BFT gate openers are best suited for the following applications:

Gate Openers for Residential Driveways

Apart from protecting your family, valuables, and property, BFT automatic driveway gate openers further provide a great amount of convenience and privacy. Since the gate opener can be accessed via several access control mechanisms, it is quite easy for you to prevent the entry of salespersons and other similar visitors. Furthermore, the members of your family can enter into the premises easily without getting out of their vehicles. So, BFT gate openers are ideal for driveways and offer long-term benefits.

Gate Openers for Correctional Facilities

BFT gate openers are also best suited for correctional facilities. They offer the best security and reliability on the market and protect against bad weather conditions as well as inmate tampering. BFT Automation’s gate openers are cost-effective solutions for the correctional market. They have minimal maintenance requirements.

Gate Openers for Government Facilities

From fire and police stations to government offices, BFT automatic gate openers are helpful in securing and protecting government buildings from harm. Reliable and strong automatic gate openers from BFT are high in demand as they are designed to satisfy the needs of all kinds of facilities. From heavy-duty gate openers to vertical lift automatic gates, BFT Automation provides solutions for all.

Gate Openers for Airports

Airport security is a major concern nowadays and as a result, automatic security gates are high in demand. BFT Automation provides a wide variety of airport perimeter gate opener solutions as well as innovative operator systems in the industry, allowing the airports to lock down a secured area within seconds.

Gate Openers for Utility and Energy Facilities

Local and federal government agencies protect facilities that house public utilities. It is their high priority. Some private companies do that as well. BFT’s gate openers are best suited for energy and water treatment plants, refineries, and telecommunications facilities. Their highly innovative gate openers meet industry standards for security and offer easy access options for large vehicles. BFT gate openers are created with dependable design for optimal reliability and security.

Gate Openers for Military Facilities

Some types of BFT gate openers are heavy-duty and can be used by military facilities. These gate openers are designed to maintain security and integrity through high traffic and heavy use. The gate openers from BFT can be left unmanned and the security will still be optimal. Furthermore, they are designed to be extra strong and impact resistant to prevent vehicles from unauthorized entry.

Gate Openers for Other Markets

BFT Automation serves many other markets and industries outside of those listed above. From distribution and warehousing centers to government contractors, BFT automatic gate openers prove to be highly useful. They are designed to suit any application.

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