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Byte Brothers Power Panel POE Tester In Line with Probe

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  • POE1000ILT Byte Brothers Power Panel POE Tester In Line with Probe
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Product Description

CAT5/6 cables are jammed with data, phone, surveillance cameras... and now 48 volts of PoE (Power over Ethernet)…the power panel DVM spots these devices. plus, two interactive buttons exercise both LAN switches and the Power over Ethernet (PoE) ports.

Knowing what power is on your ethernet cable can save thousands of dollars in damaged devices and test equipment!

Model POE1000 Standard version

  • Locate network ports by turning on the port beacon feature.
  • Locate active network devices and display capabilities. This includes VoIP phones, IP cameras, access points, switches. NIC cards. The Standard Unit displays the advertised speed (10/100/000) and duplex. Location on cable is also displayed. If you also wish to display the negotiated speed between two devices order the POE1000IL (or ILT) below. Negotiated speed is possible because these models can be connected “inline” between two devices.
  • Locate phones, FAXs, modems, PBXs. Voltage and location on cable are displayed
  • Locate Power of Ethernet (endspan and midspan). Voltage and location on cable are displayed. This is includes both discovery voltage and full voltage. 
  • Simulate a PoE device. Press the “Test PoE” button to simulate a VoIP phone, IP camera or other PoE device connection.
  • Tone and trace cables. Locate cable runs by placing a tone on one end of the cable with the Main Unit and detecting the tone on the far side with a tone probe (not included). The tone generated is compatible with most probes. For a Power Panel with a Probe incluced see the POE1000ILT Tone Star  

Model POE1000ILT TONE STAR version. All of the features of the inline model plus:

  • Full featured probe included. The Tone Star includes a the same filtered, ultrabright LED lighted probe that come with our ProTone Wire Locator set. All Power Panel have the ability to generate a tone. Only the Tone Star kit comes with a probe.
  • High end probe with ultrabright LED lighted tip to see in dark closets.
  • Special filtered circuitry for elimination of fluorescent hum.
  • Safety LED indicates “60HZ present”.
  • “Tone present” LED lights to aid in noisy environments.
  • Insulated tip stops accidental shorts when probing punchdown blocks.

Includes: Auto shutoff, 9V batteries (2), pouch.
Note: The Tone Star Power Panel is also an inline version with two jacks so it can go in between two devices to power the device and measure the device’s power draw (in watts).


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