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BFT Gate Openers: The Deimos Slide Gate Opener is ideal for?


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Slide gate openers are ideal for places where there isn’t enough space to install a swing gate opener. You can convert a slide gate opener into an automatic sliding gate for enhanced convenience and security by installing an automatic slide gate opener. BFT Automation is a premier company that manufactures state-of-the-art automation systems. They offer a wide range of slide gate openers. The BFT Deimos slide gate opener is one of their popular products in this category.

The BFT Deimos is a powerful automatic gate opener that can easily move gates that are 75 feet high and weigh up to 600 kg. It is ideal for many applications.

Residential Slide Gate Openers

Slide gate openers are commonly seen in residential areas. Homeowners who want to enter/exit their property without getting out of their car often install automatic slide gate openers. The Deimos slide gate opener from BFT is mainly designed to be used in residential areas to facilitate homeowners in acquiring enhanced convenience and security. Powered at 24V, you can install the Deimos slide gate opener very quickly and also comply with the latest safety standards in the process. Furthermore, this gate opener is also safe to use because it is equipped with an obstruction detection device that automatically stops the gate when an object is detected in its path, so you can rest easy knowing that there won’t be a safety concern when you install the BFT Deimos slide gate opener.

The Deimos slide gate opener is equipped with smart technology which will allow homeowners to diagnose the control unit quite easily. The self-diagnostic and self-learning functions are fully compatible with EELink protocol. A self-contained control unit, electromechanical micro switches, and dual-channel rolling code receiver are some other smart technology features of Deimos. You can install this gate opener in your driveway or any property entrance located in the city and it will serve you well.

Commercial Slide Gate Openers

Although the Deimos slide gate opener is ideal for residential areas, it can also be used in commercial applications. Small to medium size businesses that don’t have heavy-duty gates can take advantage of the BFT Deimos. Businesses can install this gate opener for their customers’ convenience. The opener that is used for a commercial slide gate has to be powerful and the Deimos slide gate opener excels in this area.

Since the commercial gates are opened and closed more often than residential gates, you will need a way to cut the operation costs. The Deimos sliding gate opener can be upgraded by powering via solar energy. You will need to install a solar powered kit with Deimos and then you will be able to save a lot on your energy bill month after month. Furthermore, the capacity of the battery can also be upgraded by attaching a double battery expansion kit. You can also add additional solar panels to increase the charge rate.

All in all, the Deimos slide gate opener is ideal for general commercial entrances to control the flow of pedestrians as well as vehicles. It is recommended that you check your gate’s length and weight to determine whether the Deimos slide gate opener can be installed with it.

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