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8 Channel Mini CCTV DVR System 500G Hard Drive

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  • 8 Channel Mini CCTV DVR System 500G Hard Drive (058-008-500)
  • 8 Channel Mini CCTV DVR System 500G Hard Drive (058-008-500)
  • 8 Channel Mini CCTV DVR System 500G Hard Drive (058-008-500)
  • 8 Channel Mini CCTV DVR System 500G Hard Drive (058-008-500)
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Product Description

Sometimes 4 cameras just aren't enough. The 8 Channel Elite Mini is an excellent choice because it provides you with more than 4 channels at an economic price and even if you don't use all 8 up front , you'll have room for possible expansion later without an excessive cost.

We've trimmed down the size of the case and optimized the features to save you money with the 8 Channel Elite Mini Economy, but by no means have we done anything to reduce the quality and performance of the DVR itself. You can still expect the highest quality color videos and the utmost top performance from this DVR as you would from its full size father, the 8 Channel Elite Series.

Like our other DVRs, this DVR runs an embedded Linux operating system. We choose this system because we have found it to be dependable and even more importantly, very stable, and it works well with our specifically designed video processing circuitry including our digital signal processor and our embedded HTTP web server. H.264, one of the newest and high quality compression CODECs (compression Decompression algorithm) available allows fast yet high quality processing and storage of your video footage and it is the mainstay of this recorder. Audio compression is done using the G.711 CODEC to allow low bit stream movement while keeping sound quality at a maximum.

You'll get 8 full video channels that can be recorded at a nice large resolution size of D1 at 7 frames per second. This DVR can also be configured to record at CIF resolution at an even faster frame rate. In addition there are RCA inputs and outputs for audio as well.

This DVR also has an RS485 port that allows you to connect the pair of wires from a Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) camera that control the PTZ's movements. That means that even though this is our Mini Economy model you still have full control over PTZ cameras if you need them. In fact you can use our 3D mouse positioning feature which allows you to control the movements of the PTZ just by using the USB mouse (which is included with the DVR). Just let the DVR and PTZ camera do the rest!

We give you plenty of video output choices that include HDMI so you can also hear audio if you use it, VGA, and BNC (TV). Whether you use this DVR for home or commercial use, monitor connections are easy and convenient, especially with the available HDMI and VGA outputs. That means you can hook up your system at home to almost all models of big screen LCD TV's. In the business setting, you can use a new flat screen monitor, but often times many commercial customers have VGA monitors that are no longer used by their computers (because they were replaced by flat screen LCD monitors) which can be put back to use as well!

The objective of our business is to bring you high quality, solid performance equipment that is easy to operate as well. Our 8 Channel Mini Economy DVR uses a Graphical User Interface (GUI) that is simple and easy to use. It is basically a page based menu driven system that presents you with pages of pre-loaded programming and all you have to do is choose the parameters at which you want the DVR to operate by clicking your mouse, pushing buttons on the front of the unit, or using the included infrared remote control.

We absolutely couldn't leave out the network/Internet features that come with all of our other DVRs either. Let's say you have an area that is restricted and should have no unauthorized people in it. You place a camera in that area and set it for the parameters you want for motion detection (this DVR can be set to record video only if motion is detected for example.) At the same time, you'd like to be kept aware of any trespassers that enter this area but you can't stand and stare at a monitor all day. No problem; our DVR can send you an e-mail notification to your POP e-mail account! Now no matter where you are, as long as you have access to your e-mail you can be instantly notified by your DVR! In addition, any device with Internet support can remotely access the system via your network or Internet as well.

"Remote access is great for the residential customer but I want to use this DVR in my business where I have more than one manager that needs to access the system." Not a problem either; this DVR can support up to 20 simultaneous remote users at one time.

This DVR is small (i.e. "Mini") and can support one hard drive, but the hard drive can be pretty large in size. This DVR also supports two USB ports, one each in the front and back of the unit. Using the USB ports you can copy footage to a USB flash drive, transfer it to your personal computer, and burn a CD or DVD from there. You can also use compatible USB external hard drives and external CD/DVD burners. What's more is that you can also back up your entire system using FTP!

  • Recording Speed - CIF@30fps / D1@7fps
  • Resolution - CIF(352x240) / D1(704-480)
  • Hard Drive - 1 SATA
  • Video Inputs - 8ch Total
  • Video Outputs - VGA/BNC/HDMI
  • Audio Inputs - 1 (Composite)
  • Audio Outputs - 1 (Composite)
  • DVD Burner - No
  • Smart Phone Access - Yes
  • Motion Activated Recording - Yes
  • PTZ Control - Yes
  • Simultaneous Users - 10


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