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16 Channel Mini CCTV DVR System 1000G Hard Drive

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  • 16 Channel Mini CCTV DVR System 1000G Hard Drive (058-016-1000)
  • 16 Channel Mini CCTV DVR System 1000G Hard Drive (058-016-1000)
  • 16 Channel Mini CCTV DVR System 1000G Hard Drive (058-016-1000)
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Product Description

This is our best value 16 channel DVR; in fact we think it's the best value 16 channel DVR available. Our 16 Channel Elite Mini Economy Series DVR doesn't skimp one bit on value. What we did do was put it in a smaller case and optimize the features that you may not need for just recording high quality color security video.

This unit can record D1 (704 x 480 pixels) resolution at 7 frames per second on every channel at the same time. Or if you choose, you can record all 16 channels simultaneously at 30 frames per second and CIF resolution. It's your choice, but regardless of how you choose to record your video, you can rest assured that you will get the highest quality and performance available for that particular setting.

How do we make this possible? First of all, we are not some temporary on-line electronics store that scored a one time bulk purchase on some electronics. We've been in this business for years because Security Camera King is an offshoot of our full time security company, Techpro Security. Since we have been installing and servicing security systems for years, we know what our customers want, whether they are residential customers, enterprise business customers, or government agencies. Our 16 channel Mini Economy DVR optimizes the features we know you want and eliminates the features we know you don't want. That allows us to offer you the highest quality and performance for a DVR in this class at a price that that is budget conscious.

We start our design of this DVR with an embedded, stable Linux operating system. Remember, this is a standalone DVR; this is not a computer based system that requires a personal computer for use. Furthermore, this 16 channel unit is NOT subjected to same perils and pitfalls of a typical computer based system like hacking or computer viruses. We use absolute state-of-the-art digital video technology and we take advantage of it with our digital signal processor to bring you the highest quality recording available.

Since the case is smaller, this unit can hold one internal hard disk drive. If you want, we'll install it for you. All you do is choose the capacity of the drive and we'll install it for FREE! You just pay the cost of the hard drive.

This might be our 16 channel Mini Economy but your video output display options are big! We give you a total of three different types of video output, HDMI (which can also carry the audio signal), VGA, and BNC. In addition, you can choose any one that best suits your needs or any combination because this DVR can display all three video outputs simultaneously. That's up to three full display monitors. And, not only can you record 16 channels simultaneously, but you can playback 16 channels simultaneously with this DVR as well.

This unit is easy to set up and easy to operate. We ensure this by using an On Screen Display (OSD) menu system to configure and control the DVR. All you have to do is click through the menu pages and decide what options you want by selecting them with the included USB mouse. As a matter of fact you don't even have to use the mouse; we also include a free infrared remote control as well. Of course you can always use the control buttons on the front of the DVR too.

This DVR is 100% network and/or Internet ready. We include an embedded web server within the DVR. Using Internet Explorer, you can control almost every function of the DVR remotely over your network or Internet. In addition, if the DVR is connected to the Internet, any tablet, personal computer, and/or smartphone that has Internet service can be used to remotely access your DVR. This is especially useful for enterprise business applications because up to 20 simultaneous remote users can access the DVR via the Internet.

Like our OSD for direct control, our Graphical User Interface (GUI) for remote access control is just as simple and easy to operate. To help make things easier, we've built Dynamic DNS support into this DVR so you don't have to worry about setting up or paying extra for a static IP address for remote operation. One more thing on Internet use; this DVR can send you email notifications to your standard POP email account. You need an alert when something happens? You choose the email trigger you want and the DVR takes care of the rest. You get real time notification and real time remote access.

If you need to protect your data, we offer several options for that as well. In addition to saving your video footage to your internal hard drive you can also backup your data using the USB ports. You can use a variety of compatible USB devices from external DVD burners, hard drives, and flash drives to manage your video footage. To further ensure your data integrity, you can even back up your video footage using FTP so your data is safe even if the DVR is destroyed.

  • Resolution - CIF(352x240) / D1(704-480)
  • Hard Drive - 1 SATA
  • Video Inputs - 16ch Total
  • Video Outputs - VGA/BNC/HDMI
  • Audio Inputs - 1 (Composite)
  • Audio Outputs - 1 (Composite)
  • DVD Burner - No
  • Smart Phone Access - Yes
  • Motion Activated Recording - Yes
  • PTZ Control - Yes
  • Simultaneous Users - 10


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